Questions related to the YSR application process

  • What volunteer work is considered relevant to the field of rehabilitation?

Any type of work that can be linked with interacting with individuals who have special needs (e.g. physical, psychiatric, developmental) is worth mentioning. This could include working as a cashier and assisting elderly/disabled individuals, or volunteer work that is more directly linked to rehab, such as working in a rehab hospital, etc. The more relevant the experience, the better. However, your rehab-related experience is only one part of the overall application  so don’t panic if you do not have direct rehabilitation experience.

  • Can I ask my TA to write a reference letter? Are senior level TAs (e.g. PhD candidate) considered a faculty member?

A TA is not considered to hold the same weight as a faculty member. If possible, ask a professor and tell them that you know the TA (and send them info about yourself). If no faculty member knows you well enough to write a letter, then you may approach a TA. Note that the best type of  reference  is one from a current or former employer or supervisor in a volunteer position who can comment on your experience with individuals who have disabilities.

  • What was the minimum GPA cut last year ?

Each year the minimum GPA cut-off can vary. In 2012, the minimum GPA for entry into the program was 4.5. However, the average GPA was 6.3 (range 4.5-7.8).

  • My marks were low in first year but they improved – will this affect my application?

On the  application, there is a place to explain any discrepancies in your transcript. When we evaluate your file, we do place greater emphasis on your academic achievement over the more current year.