Questions about your eligibility to apply to the YSR program

  • I am in Health Sciences & Kinesiology and have Psychology 1010– may I still apply?

Yes, students from programs outside of Psychology may apply. The required Psychology courses for the YSR program must be completed, regardless of what program you are in. Many students from Health Sciences and Kinesiology take Psychology courses as their electives (or as a major) to complete the YSR program requirements.

  • I already have a degree in Psychology (OR) I am going to graduate this year. May I apply to the YSR program?

This program is designed for York Students who are in their second or third year of a three- or four-year degree. In some cases, students will return for a fifth year at York in order to complete the YSR program requirements. You may speak with an advisor from the undergraduate psychology office for advice. An option for students who are close to graduation is a certificate in rehabilitation offered at Seneca. Students can apply for this one-year online program in their graduating year. The main difference is there are no field placement requirements within the Seneca Rehabilitation Certificate Program.

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  • I am a few credits short of the 60 or 90 credits required but will take courses over the summer – may I still apply?

Yes. As long as you make a notation on your application, and you complete and pass your courses by September, you may apply.

  • I want to take this program but am not sure about how many credits I will need.

It is strongly recommended that you have an appointment with an advisor in the Undergraduate Psychology program to see what courses are needed to complete your degree requirements. You may book an appointment through the Undergraduate Office in Psychology, or go to OSAS. The following link will be useful:

  • Do I need to complete the courses in the program before applying?

You may already have some of the required courses, such as Motivation or Abnormal Psychology. While this may lessen your load as you juggle the Seneca courses and your fieldwork placement, it is not required that you take the courses before being accepted into the program. Your acceptance to the program has nothing to do with whether you have already completed some of the required courses. Note that students in the YSR program have spots reserved for them. Most students in the program take the courses along with their cohort which promotes training with your peers (and future colleagues!) and can add to your university experience.

  • I am interested in this program but am moving overseas – may I take this course through long- distance education?

No. Our course is for students who are able to commit to two full-time years of courses three days a week and two days of placement.