Life after graduation from the program

  • What is the average annual salary for someone who graduates from this program?

Unfortunately we cannot answer this question, as we have not collected this personal information from our graduates. We suspect the range is quite large.

  • Can you give me an example of what types of positions there are in this field and what they do?

Some examples of workplaces that our graduates are employed at include:

  1. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  2. Ministry of Health
  3. Ministry of Community & Social Services
  4. Ministry of Correctional Services
  5. Toronto Transit Commission
  6. Canadian Mental Health Association
  7. Most major insurance companies
  8. CNIB
  • Do you offer a post-graduate certificate for professional development?

Students who complete the program earn a joint York/Seneca Certificate in Rehabilitation Services from Seneca College. Our program is recognized by the Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA) as providing students with the training requirements necessary for applying for the Registered Rehabilitation Professional (RRP) designation after completion of some additional work experience.