Research Opportunities

Faculty research interests cover a broad range of theoretical and applied issues in eight areas of specialization:

  1. Brain, Behaviour, & Cognitive Science
  2. Clinical
  3. Clinical-Developmental
  4. Clinical Neuropsychology
  5. Developmental Science
  6. Historical, Theoretical and Critical Studies of Psychology
  7. Quantitative Methods
  8. Social and Personality

There are research opportunities for undergraduate students in the Department of Psychology. If you are interested in applying to a research-based graduate program, you will need research experience. For tips on how to secure a volunteer research assistant position in the Department of Psychology, please review Tips on undergraduate research position 

Students have the option to conduct research under the supervision of a full-time faculty member in the Department of Psychology for course credit. For information about our Individual Research Project (IRP), please see Forms webpage. More often than not, faculty members are more likely to supervise students who have already been working in their lab for some time as volunteers.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, it is recommended that you try to obtain a lab position in your 2nd and/or 3rd year of study.  Securing a position in a research lab increases your chances of securing a thesis or IRP supervisor. Students interested in learning about the type of research conducted by faculty in the Department of Psychology can review the following document:

Research Labs
Affiliated Research Centers Websites:

Research Ethics

The Department of Psychology has summarized important details regarding conducting research as faculty, undergraduate/graduate students, course directors, with adults, children, or animals.  Please see the department ethics website for details.

Researchers may access the Resources for Researchers site for useful tools and information including Application Forms, Funding Application Tools, Funding Administration Tools, and links to Policies and Practices.

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