Undergraduate Research Participant Pool

Welcome Fall / Winter  2017-2018  Psychology 1010.06 Students

The URPP gives students the opportunity to earn up to 4% toward their PSYC 1010 grade. Specifically, students can earn 4% by participating in 8 hours of research, with students in full year sections of 1010 completing 4  hours in the fall and  4  in the winter. To understand how the URPP works, read the URPP student handout.

If you have any questions, please email URPP .

View video below to learn more about the value of participating in the URPP.

Read SONA System Manual for students. Please note that not all features mentioned in this document have been enabled for the URPP.

View video below of SONA system manual. Please note that not all features mentioned in this video have been enabled for the URPP.

For more information about how the grading system works please read this URPP student handout.


After  April 5, 2018   there can be no corrections made to your URPP participation credits or that portion of your PSYC 1010.06 final grade.

Paper Stream Option

Paper Stream Requirements

Instead of participating in research, students will be required to read a research article assigned by the URPP and write a 5-page, double-spaced, typed review of the study reported in the article in your own words. Your paper will be marked out of 8 for a total of 4%. If you want to participation in the paper stream, you must email us (urpp.paper.stream@gmail.com) by October 6th. Papers must be submitted by the participation deadline applicable to your section of PSYC 1010. Anything received later than that will not be accepted.

The paper must:

  • Detail the key issues,

  • Clearly state the purpose of the article and of each study,

  • Describe the basic methodology used in each study,

  • Summarize the results and conclusions, and

  • Critique the article/studies (point out strengths and weaknesses) and provide suggestions for future research. These should be your own ideas and should not be taken directly from the article.

If you quote directly from a source please cite the source appropriately in APA format. That being said, there should be little or no need for you to quote directly from the source and multiple quotations will not be accepted as a substitute for summarizing and critiquing the article in your own words.

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence and will result in a grade of 0. For information on plagiarism and how to avoid it click here.


URPP Information for Researchers