Is Honours realistic?

Is your cumulative GPA 5.0 or better?

Have you passed PSYC 1010 (6) with a C (or if you are a transfer student, were you given a specific waiver for this course?

Have you completed your Gen Eds?

Have you successfully completed Statistics PSYC 2020 (6) or PSYC 2021 and 2022?

Have you successfully completed Research Methods (PSYC 2030)?

Have you successfully completed at least one course from 21, 3100 group and one course from the 22, 3200 group? (if you don’t remember what these are click here)

Successfully completed means that you have passed these courses (D or better).  If you are petitioning one of these courses at the moment, you have not successfully completed it until your petition is successful. If your answer is YES to all of the above questions, go to Choosing 3rd year courses for an Honours degree. Otherwise continue reading.

The first thing you need to do – in the Summer or Fall term, is complete your missing requirements from above. 

-  this is most important for Statistics and Research Methods – you will not be able to advance to the 4th year of the Honours program next year without these courses.  You cannot do a thesis if you have not completed all the Statistics requirements.  You cannot register in any 4000 level Psychology course unless you have completed at least PSYC 2021 (Stats 1) and 2030 (Research Methods).  If you wait until winter and then fail either 2021 or 2030, you will have to wait a year to complete even a 90-credit degree so passing these courses should be your priority

-  if you failed one of the sequence courses, you can either repeat this course, or you can try a different course from the same group.

-  If your GPA is significantly below 5.0 and/or if you have been failing required courses you need to be realistic at this point, and make sure that in choosing your courses you complete all the requirements for the 90 credit degree.  Read the section on the 90-credit degree  and then read the section on what you would have to do in addition to be ready for 4th year Honours.