Foundational Core Courses

In order to assure that you achieve a solid foundation in Psychology, you must take at least one 3-credit course from each of two lists of courses (Social/Personality and Biological/Cognitive).  Some of these courses have 2000 numbers; others have 3000 numbers.  In general we recommend that you take courses with 2000 numbers in your second year, but you can take any of these courses in your second year if they don’t have prerequisites (see below and prerequisite section of this website).   These courses introduce you to the major areas within the discipline of Psychology.  You should include two of these courses in your 2nd year program if possible, one from each list 

Group 1  “2100, 3100 courses”  - Personality

2110 – Developmental Psychology

2120 – Social Psychology

2130 – Personality

3125 – History of Psychology (not recommended until 3rd year)

3140 – Abnormal Psychology

3170 – Health Psychology (not recommended until 3rd year)

Group 22200, 3200 courses” – Biological/Cognitive

2210 – Learning

2220 – Sensation and Perception 1

2230 – Motivation

 2240 – Biological Bases of Behaviour

 3250 – Neural Bases of Behaviour*   (prerequisite PSYC 2240)

 3260 – Cognition

 3265 – Memory (not recommended until 3rd year)

 3270 – Sensation and Perception 2*  (prerequisite PSYC 2220)

  3280 – Animal Behaviour

  3290 – Psycholinguistics (not recommended until 3rd year)

In choosing these Foundation courses, be aware that many 4th year courses and some 3rd year courses have these courses as prerequisites, so you must plan ahead.  All the courses highlighted in blue are prerequisites for one or more advanced courses. Be sure you think ahead and understand the prerequisite structure– don’t be disappointed a year or two years from now!

Specialized Honours program:  if you are a very strong student and are hoping to enter the Specialized Honours program you will need four courses from the Foundational Core (2 from each list), and it is a good idea to take most of these in your second year.