Choosing 3rd year courses for an Honours degree

The most important thing to do this year is to make sure you have completed all prerequisites for the courses you intend to take in your final Honours year.   This includes:

- Stats, Research Methods and the 21,3100 and 22, 3200 sequence courses

- Specific prerequisites for particular 4000 level seminars you intend to take.  For example, all 4000 seminars on clinical topics require both Personality (2130) and Abnormal (3140) as prerequisites.  You cannot take them as corequisites with a seminar so take them in 3rd year if you haven’t already completed them.  Nearly all 4000 seminars have 2000 level and/or 3000 level prerequisites!

- once you have put these into your program, fill it out with other Psychology and elective courses, keeping in mind that at the end of your degree you will need to have at least 36 credits at the 3000 level or higher (18 of these will be at 4000 level and will be taken in 4th year, leaving you 18 to complete this year or next year).

- if you are planning to do a thesis in 4th year (either PSYC 4000 or the Specialized Honours thesis 4001) it is a good idea to take Intermediate Research Methods (PSYC 3010)  and the Intermediate Stats Lab (PSYC 3031) in 3rd year (both are required for Specialized Honours, recommended for PSYC 4000).

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