Faculty in the Department of Psychology were among the founding members of York University and established the very first graduate program at York, over 45 years ago. Today, the York Psychology Department is the largest in Canada, with approximately 80 full-time faculty members and seven graduate programs. Its  faculty have contributed to the history of York and the history of Canadian psychology, not only as academicians, but as key administrators during the formative years of the university’s development, and as professional and scientific leaders in their fields both nationally and internationally. York’s Psychology Department is also home to one of the world’s few formal graduate programs dedicate to advanced studies in the History and Theory of Psychology.

To commemorate this important heritage, and to honour the 50th anniversary of York in 2009, an initiative was launched to capture, preserve, and document the history of the Department. This history can now be explored through the Department of Psychology’s History Website.

On October 16, 2009, with support from the Yorku50 campaign and the Faculty of Health, the Psychology Department celebrated its history with a gala event. A video of the speakers from the event can be found here. Photos from the event can be found here , and a short video produced for the event, 50 Years of Psychology in 60 Seconds, can be found here.

Our future is forged from the strengths and lessons of the past. We invite you to explore this past and envision the future as Psychology at York moves into the 21st century.