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Adler, Scott A.Associate Professor, Developmental Science - Program Area Coordinatoradler@yorku.ca
Angus Ph.D., C.Psych., Lynne E. Professorlangus@yorku.ca
Arsalidou, MarieAdjunct Facultymarie.arsalidou@gmail.com
Bebko, James MProfessorjbebko@yorku.ca
Bialystok, EllenDistinguished Research Professorellenb@yorku.ca
Bohr, Yvonne MAssociate Professorbohry@yorku.ca
Conder, JulieAssistant Lecturerconder@yorku.ca
Connolly, Jennifer AProfessor, Director, Psychology Undergraduate Programconnolly@yorku.ca
Crawford, John DouglasProfessor, Canada Research Chair, Distinguished Research Professor in Neuroscience, Scientific Director, Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA)jdc@yorku.ca
Cribbie, Robert AProfessor, Quantitative Methods areacribbie@yorku.ca
DeSouza, Joseph Associate Professor, Systems Neurosciencedesouza@yorku.ca
Desrocher, Mary EAssociate Professor, Clinical Developmental - Director of Clinical Trainingmdesroch@yorku.ca
Eastwood, John DAssociate Professorjohneast@yorku.ca
Elder, James HarveyProfessorjelder@yorku.ca
Fergus, KarenAssociate Professor, Clinical Psychologistkfergus@yorku.ca
Fleming, Stephen JProfessorsfleming@yorku.ca
Flett, Gordon LProfessor, Canada Research Chairgflett@yorku.ca
Flora, David B.Associate Professor, Quantitative Methodsdflora at yorku dot ca
Friendly, Michael LProfessor, Associate Coordinator, Statistical Consulting Servicefriendly@yorku.ca
Goel, VinodProfessorvgoel@yorku.ca
Goldberg, JoelAssociate Professor, Psychology Department Chairjgoldber@yorku.ca
Green, Christopher DarrenProfessorchristo@yorku.ca
Greenberg, Leslie SDistinguished Professor, Professor Emerituslgrnberg@yorku.ca
Greenglass, Esther RProfessorestherg@yorku.ca
Harris, Laurence RoyProfessorharris@yorku.ca
Heinrichs, Robert WalterProfessor, Registered Psychologistwalterh@yorku.ca
Herbert, MoniqueAssistant Lecturer herbertm@yorku.ca
Hoffman, Kari L.Associate Professorkhoffman@yorku.ca
Hynie, MichaelaAssociate Professor, Associate Director, York Institute Health Resmhynie@yorku.ca
Jenkin, Heather L.Contract Facultyhjenkin@yorku.ca
Johnson, Janice MAssociate Professorjanicej@yorku.ca
Katz, Joel DDistinguished Research Professor of Psychology, Canada Research Chair in Health Psychologyjkatz@yorku.ca
Kawakami, KerryProfessorkawakami@yorku.ca
Kohn, Paul MContract Faculty, Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholarpkohn@yorku.ca
Lalonde, Richard NProfessorlalonde@yorku.ca
MacDonald, Suzanne EUniversity Professorsuzmac@yorku.ca
Mandel, David R.Adjunct Professordmlab@yorku.ca
Mar, Raymond A.Associate Professormar@yorku.ca
McCann, C DouglasAssociate Professordmccann@yorku.ca
Mills, Jennifer SAssociate Professorjsmills@yorku.ca
Mongrain, MyriamProfessormongrain@yorku.ca
Muise, AmyAssistant Professormuiseamy@yorku.ca
Muller, Robert TomProfessorrmuller@yorku.ca
Murray, Richard FAssociate Professorrfm@yorku.ca
Murtha, Susan J. E.Associate Professor, Associate Dean Teaching & Learningsmurtha@yorku.ca
Ono, HiroshiDistinguished Research Professor, Professor Emeritushono@yorku.ca
Park, Norman WAssociate Professornpark@yorku.ca
Pathman, Thanujeni (Jeni)Assistant Professortpathman@yorku.ca
Pek, JolynnAssistant Professorpek@yorku.ca
Pepler, Debra JDistinguished Research Professorpepler@yorku.ca
Perry, AdrienneProfessor, Director, Psychology Graduate Program, Psychologist, Behaviour Analystperry@yorku.ca
Pettit, MichaelAssociate Professormpettit at yorku.ca
Pillai Riddell, RebeccaProfessor, York Research Chair in Pain and Mental Healthrpr@yorku.ca
Pos, Alberta EAssociate Professor, PhD, C.Psychaepos@yorku.ca
Rawana, JennineAssociate Professorrawana@yorku.ca
Reid, David WAssociate Professordreid@yorku.ca
Rich, Jill BeeAssociate Professor, Clinical - Director of Clinical Trainingjbr@yorku.ca
Rosenbaum, Rachel ShaynaAssociate Professorshaynar@yorku.ca
Ross, Erin CAssociate Professorecross@yorku.ca
Rutherford, AlexandraProfessoralexr@yorku.ca
Sasaki, JoniAssociate Professorjsasaki@yorku.ca
Schuller, ReginaProfessor, Psychologyschuller@yorku.ca
Sheese, Ronald LUniversity Professorrsheese@yorku.ca
Steele, Jennifer RAssociate Professor, Social & Personality Psychology - Program Area Coordinatorsteeleje@yorku.ca
Steeves, Jennifer KAssociate Professorsteeves@yorku.ca
Stevens, W. DaleAssistant Professorstevensd@yorku.ca
Struthers, C. WardProfessorstruther@yorku.ca
Teo, ThomasProfessor, Dr.tteo@yorku.ca
Till, ChristineAssociate Professorctill@yorku.ca
Toplak, Maggie EAssociate Professormtoplak@yorku.ca
Turner, Gary R.Assistant Professorgrturner 'at' yorku 'dot' ca
Weiss, JonathanAssociate Professorjonweiss@yorku.ca
Westra, Henny AliceAssociate Professorhwestra@yorku.ca
Wilcox, Laurie MaeProfessorlwilcox@yorku.ca
Wilkinson, Frances E.Professorfranw@yorku.ca
Wintre, MaxineProfessormwintre@yorku.ca
Wiseheart, MelodyProfessormelodywiseheart@gmail.com
Wojtowicz, MagdalenaAssistant Professormagdawoj(at)yorku.ca
Zoidl, Georg RProfessor, Canada Research Chair Tier I, Molecular and Cellular Neurosciencegzoidl@yorku.ca

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