Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology is located at Behavioural Science Building, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto ON M3J 1P3

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour viewed from social, developmental,clinical and biological perspectives.

Ranked one of the top programs for psychology in Canada and in the world according to the    QS World University Rankings, 2015, York’s undergraduate programs (BA and BSc) offer the largest and most diverse selection of courses than other universities in Canada. We provide learning opportunities and research experience  in  many different areas of Psychology including developmental and social psychology, abnormal psychology and counseling, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, history and theory, statistics and quantitative methods, as well as explore a wide variety of topics ranging from personality, memory, learning, intelligence, motivation, psychological disorders, biological basis of behaviour, bullying, perception, perfectionism, empathy, cognition, culture, child development and much, much more.

For students interested in pursuing graduate studies, our Specialized Honours Program (BA and BSc) provides advanced training in research methods, statistical analysis, as well as one-on-one honours thesis research supervision.We offer classroom instruction during the day but also have quite a number of evening classes available, which many find to be a great option for busy daily schedules. There are on-line and blended course opportunities as well as experiential learning in so many different off-campus settings, from local schools, to community clinics and even the local zoo.

There are many career paths which can be followed with a degree in Psychology because there are so many applications for the knowledge and skills that our Psychology graduates acquire. According to our alumni surveys, York University graduates have established careers in a wide range of employment sectors from non-profit service to corporate work, from careers in education to those in social services, as well as in government, hospital, school, community clinic and research institutions. Our undergraduate programs open a gateway to graduate studies leading to a career as a clinical psychologist or as a researcher in Psychology or Neuroscience. Moreover, our undergraduate programs provide excellent preparation for professional studies in medicine, law or social work. Visit our Careers in Psychology page for more information and to check out the stories of some of our alumni.

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