Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology is located at Behavioural Science Building, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto ON M3J 1P3

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour viewed from social, developmental and biological perspectives.

Our undergraduate program is a gateway to graduate school in Psychology, leading to a career as a clinical psychologist or as a researcher in Psychology or Neuroscience. Our program also provides you with foundational knowledge useful for diverse careers in business, management, health or education; for public sector service, for sales and marketing; and is an excellent preparation for professional studies in medicine, law or social work.

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  • Jacy Young
    Jacy Young  will be defending her PhD Dissertation entitled: “When Psychologists were Naturalists: Questionaires and Collecting Practices in Early American Psychology, 1880-1932,” on Thursday, Decembe …
  • Sara Rafique
    Sara Rafique  will be defending her MA Thesis entitled: “Revealing Connections in Object and Scene Processing using Consecutive TMS and fMR – Adaptation,” on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 1:30pm in …
  • Amrita Ghai
     Amrita Ghai will be defending her PhD Dissertation entitled: “Multidimensional Acculturation among South Asians: Factor Structure of the Vancouver Index of Acculturation (VIA) and Relationship to Eat …